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Searching the Internet

Survival Skills for the Information Age

Formulating and implementing precise Internet search strategies are necessary skills for the Information Age.  Successful Internet searchers develop the most efficient means of finding information in the shortest possible time.  To enter one or two search terms into a search engine is like trying to find hidden treasure without a map--the chances are slim that you will survive the information overload and discover the jackpot.

Follow this tutorial to master the tools necessary to be a productive Internet searcher.  To survive you will need to meet the following challenges:

  • Identify the best keywords, synonyms, and alternate word forms to search within your topic.

  • Design a  search plan using Boolean operators, phrase searching, truncation, and field areas.

  • Choose the appropriate Internet Subject Directory or Search Engine and successfully retrieve information from it.

  • Correct your spelling, using a dictionary if necessary.  Remember, the Internet does not include a spell checker!

  • Practice real Internet searching by accepting our Survival Quest.

The links on the left will navigate you through the tutorial.  In each section, the tutorial will feature specific Internet sites and furnish practice exercises.  Work the links from the top down to master the necessary survivor tools.  

Also notice the links at the top of the page.  These tutorials teach the tools necessary to successfully search several popular  and useful subscription databases available to you as a member of the NCS community. 

Survival Aids:  As you navigate through the Internet Survivor tutorial, you will notice that good results depend on an effective search strategy.  Throughout the site, look for

and warnings

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