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On this page you will find a bibliography as well as useful articles. If you have any resources to share, please add a comment at the right of the page.

Essential Sites for your PLN

PLN is the new buzz-acronym that stands for "Personal Learning Network". All the cool teachers have one!

Articles about PLNs

For more information about PLNs, read these articles:

NCS Library's PLN

Take a look at these sources, some great places to start a PLN:


This bibliography is broken up by general themes as organized by the Ed-Tech Home pages.

Books on Educational Technology

These books address recent innovations in the field of education, many focusing specifically on implementing technology as a tool for change. They are all available in the professional collection of the NCS Library.

General Articles on Educational Technology

These articles address broad aspects of educational technology, including priorities and directions.

Pedagogy and Integration

Lifetime Learning

Students Taking ownership of Learning

Open Educational Resources

New Devices & Hardware

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