The Future of School Libraries: Keeping Up

Once A Year

These yearly reports and "best-of" lists are great for keeping up with current trends.

The Horizon Report & K-12 Edition

The Horizon Report is created every year by the New Media Consortium. There are two versions of the report, one global report that is intended more for the University setting, and one specifically created for K-12 institutions. We have included information about both reports in order to get a greater understanding of upcoming technologies.

The reports organize key technologies according to dates of theoretical "horizons," from 1 to 2 years, 3-4 years, and 4-5 years. Here's the best part. Each technology is accompanied by about three web sites that illustrate the cloud, for example, or semantic-ware applications, etc. You'll stay in the know by looking at this report just once a year.

50 Best Websites - Time Magazine

Some of these sites may not have an educational component, but they will give you idea of what's hot. Last year's list included sites such as Wolfram Alpha, Academic Earth, California Coastline, Popurls, and Mint.

Cross check it at the end of the year with sites from the Horizon Report to improve your crystal ball predictions.

Top 100 Tools for Learning

Compiled from 545 learning professionals, this site ranks the tools to be considered for their learning applications.

Future of the Internet - Pew Foundation Report

Queries major stakeholders in Web-based technologies. This resource is centered around a significant development in the use of the Internet.